Home addition remodeling is something that any homeowner should consider to maximize the space available in your home. When taking on this type of project for the first time, navigating work with a renovation contractor can be incredibly overwhelming.

Today, we will share everything you need to know about home addition remodeling. We’ll help you avoid some of the most common issues we see to ensure you enjoy your home addition.

How to Find a Renovation Contractor

The first step to a whole home remodeling or kitchen contractor project is to find a reliable addition contractor. In most areas, you’ll find your options are quite extensive, but this only works to make the decision more difficult.

Start your search online, where you can read reviews from previous customers. This research will give you a good indication of their reputation and customer service.

While a primary suite addition should be your main concern, you also want a team with your best interests at heart. You can usually get a good idea about their communication and attention to customers from your initial inquiry.

If you feel like a company isn’t interested in answering your questions, that’s a red flag.

Ask Your Community

If you have trusted neighbors who’ve recently undergone home addition remodeling projects, this would also be another good way to find a renovation contractor.

Friends and family members will also want to ensure you get great results. You’ll be sure they’ll help you find a suitable addition contractor for your next project.

Whatever you do, don’t rush the process of researching companies or kitchen contractors. After an initial phone call, you should invite the company to your home.

This step is the most important decision you’ll make as part of the home addition remodeling process. It can make or break your experience of upgrading your home.

How to Map Out Your Home Addition Remodeling

Home addition remodeling projects vary greatly in shape and size. You’ll want to create a plan with your renovation contractor or kitchen contractor before work begins.

Naturally, whole home remodeling will require more planning than simple addition. We recommend mapping out the home renovations you are after with the measurements and scale you want.

Your addition contractor will likely use software to help you plan out this addition to your home. Make sure you are all on the same page during this stage so that you don’t experience any issues.

If something isn’t up to your expected standards, now would be the time to say something. A primary suite addition is a big investment, so make sure you have a final vision in mind.

How to Keep Construction Running Smoothly

Now that you have the plans and a renovation contractor, it’s time to start your home addition remodeling. While this is an exciting time for your project, you also need to ensure your contractor will stay on track.

If you’re remaining in your home during the work, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on the project. However, whole home remodeling is more of a challenge and requires regular updates from the team working on your home.

Prepare a Timeframe

Before work starts on your home, you should have a rough timeframe for completing your project.

Use this as a guideline throughout the process, and ask for weekly updates if it’s a more extensive project. A good addition contractor will offer you timely updates if there are any delays to your work.

Supply delays can be a common problem within the industry. A good contractor will keep you up-to-date and plan to avoid major delays.

How to Audit and Inspect Your Whole Home Remodeling

You deserve peace of mind after investing time and money into your home addition remodeling. Don’t let your contractors disappear before you know you are satisfied with the results.

The lead manager on the project should be willing to walk you around the work for the inspection. Always make sure you bring up any concerns before the work is complete.

A good renovation contractor will be open to hearing your feedback. They’ll work to rectify any issues as quickly as possible.

Look for Potential Issues

After your whole home remodeling, walk around every area slowly and inspect each room from bottom to top.

You’ll want to use tape for temporary use on walls to mark any dents, scratches, or imperfections. That way, you can show them to your addition contractor.

From there, you can have an open discussion about any major concerns you have. You should be 100% satisfied with the work before letting the team complete the project.

Key Takeaways

Booking a home addition is an exciting project for any homeowner. However, it’s one where you’ll want to take your time researching and planning. Never rush to find your renovation contractor, as this can only lead to disaster in the long run.

Our team at Woodland Builders will be excited to discuss your upcoming home addition remodeling. We’ll help you make the most of your current property and space.

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The Best Home Addition Remodeling in MA

Whether it’s a lifestyle change, a growing family, or an outdated design, whole home remodeling can complement your lifestyle and give you a space to cherish for years to come.

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