Welcome to “Best of the South Shore,” your definitive guide to the region’s top home improvement and real estate professionals. Woodland Builders has meticulously compiled this list, highlighting the crème de la crème in various categories. Each selection reflects a blend of rich experience and deep industry knowledge. Whether you’re seeking the expertise of leading real estate professionals, innovative architects, or creative interior designers, this list has you covered. It also features the finest kitchen and bath showrooms, distinguished cabinet makers, and premier appliance stores. For those focusing on the finer details, we include top-rated carpet and flooring stores and the best in tile and lighting. Dive into our carefully curated selections and discover the South Shore’s elite in home improvement and real estate.

Our “Best of South Shore’ Categories

We list South Shore’s best companies and professionals in the following categories.

  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Tile
  • Lighting

Real Estate

Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best real estate professionals.

Our Pick

Poppy Troupe | Coldwell Banker Realty

Poppy Troupe at Coldwell Banker Realty shines as a top-notch real estate agent. Born into the industry, she’s a natural. Her rich background, combining New York City and international sales, marks her expertise. On the South Shore, she’s a standout, thanks to her exceptional local knowledge and innovative methods.

Poppy’s approach is all about personalized service. She leverages Coldwell Banker’s tech and network for in-depth market analysis. Buyers get detailed insights into properties, trends, and amenities. She has a knack for finding the ideal home in the perfect neighborhood.

For sellers, Poppy’s skill set is equally impressive. She employs high-quality photography, hands-on staging, and impactful social media strategies. These efforts attract the right buyers and showcase properties at their best.

Her hard work has earned her prestigious awards, including the Coldwell Banker Society of Excellence for 2022. Ranking in the top 500 of 192,000 US agents, Poppy’s dedication is clear. With her, clients get more than just a transaction; they experience a commitment to excellence. Her contact details and website, poppytroupe.com, are a gateway to outstanding real estate service.

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Alternative Real Estate Professionals

Melissa McNamara | The Melissa McNamara Group

Frank Macdonald Real Estate

  • (617) 657-3004
  • 70 Fairoaks Ln, Cohasset, MA, 02025

Michelle Koppang | RE/MAX Real Estate Center

Colin Garvey | South Shore Realtor


Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best architects.

Our Pick

Mass Architect, LLC | Nick Paolucci

Mass Architect, LLC, led by Nick Paolucci, stands out as a versatile, client-focused architectural firm. Based in Milton, MA, this practice delivers comprehensive services across all building sectors. They specialize in residential, commercial, religious, educational, and institutional projects. The firm’s approach is unique, blending thorough research with creative design. They prioritize functionality and community integration in each project. 

Nick Paolucci, a graduate of Auburn University and a registered architect in Massachusetts, brings extensive experience from the Boston area. His approach is personal, ensuring each client’s vision is central to the design process. Mass Architect’s adaptability to various budgets makes them a go-to for diverse architectural needs.

Their commitment to innovation and imagination in every project is commendable. The firm embraces challenges, exploring new avenues in architectural design. Whether it’s a home or a large building, Mass Architect promises a blend of practicality, aesthetics, and client-centric solutions. Founded in 2016, they have quickly become a notable name in architecture and planning, specializing in design and construction administration.

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Alternative Architects

KR Architecture & Interiors

  • Krista Manna, RA, CAPS, NCARB

William Lee Architect & Associates, LLC

Aprea Design

BF Architects

Interior Design

Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best interior designers.

Our Pick

JMH Designs | Jeannie Hickey

Jeannie at JMH Designs excels in crafting personalized, functional interiors. She emphasizes understanding clients’ lifestyles, ensuring each design reflects their unique personality and needs. Offering comprehensive services, Jeannie adeptly handles projects from small refreshes to full-house designs. Her process includes evaluating existing spaces and furnishings, assisting in budget development, and crafting a detailed plan encompassing layout, colors, textures, furniture, and accessories. Jeannie prioritizes responsiveness and tailors designs to fit clients’ timelines and budgets, creating spaces that inspire and feel like “home.”

Her designs are beautiful and practical, perfect for real-life scenarios involving children, pets, and daily challenges. Jeannie brings a personal touch as a mother and entertainer, understanding the need for functional yet stylish spaces. Her inspiration stems from nature, travels, and personal experiences, leading to designs that are accessible, classic, yet refreshingly modern. Jeannie aims to create relaxed, comfortable environments where clients love spending time and sharing with loved ones.

Contact Details

Alternative Interior Designers

Wendy Callahan Interiors

Beth Bourque Design Studio

MOMO Interior Design

Quintessential Interiors

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best kitchen and bath showrooms.

Our Pick

Snow & Jones | Norwell Showroom

Snow & Jones, Norwell Showroom is New England’s top destination for luxury kitchen and bath plumbing. Since 1952, the Jones family has skillfully managed the business, offering hands-on, personalized service. The showrooms boast exquisite, functional products, complemented by the staff’s extensive technical and design knowledge. This expertise ensures aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in bathroom designs.

The showrooms are a source of inspiration, regularly updated with the latest products. They feature custom vignettes and lifestyle displays integrating plumbing products with wallpaper, tile, paint, and flooring. This approach helps clients visualize and achieve their dream projects.

What sets Snow & Jones apart is their deep-rooted connections with the trade and design communities. The staff, known for their experience and willingness to go the extra mile, plays a crucial role in maintaining these relationships. This commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes Snow & Jones, Norwell Showroom a premier choice for any kitchen or bathroom project.

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Alternative Kitchen & Bath Showrooms

Yale Appliance


Republics Collection

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Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best cabinet makers.

Our Pick

Good Life New England

Good Life New England excels in transforming homes with their top-tier residential design and custom cabinetry. Based in Norwell, Massachusetts, they specialize in both interior and outdoor living spaces. Their expertise lies in crafting spaces that resonate with homeowner’s visions, providing high satisfaction. Whether it’s remodeling or starting from scratch, their skilled team expertly guides clients through every step. The use of advanced 3D technology in their design process stands out, bringing clients’ ideas to life with precision and creativity. Their award-winning approach to space planning and cabinetry design for various home areas sets them apart. Clients looking to enhance their living experience will find Good Life New England’s services invaluable. Their commitment to quality and client-focused approach makes them a go-to for anyone seeking to elevate their home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Contact Details

Alternative Cabinet Makers


Bertch Cabinets

Brookhaven | Better Kitchens

Woodland Cabinetry

Kitchen Remodel

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Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best appliance stores.

Our Pick

Yale Appliance

Yale Appliance stands out in the appliance market. Founded in 1923, they’ve honed their expertise in home and kitchen appliances. Their service extends beyond purchase; they also deliver, install, and maintain your appliances. This approach ensures a stress-free experience, making your kitchen or laundry room upgrade seamless.

Their sales team is experienced and knowledgeable, guiding you to make the right choice for your home. With a wide variety of products, Yale caters to diverse needs and preferences. Their specialties include appliance service and repair, which means long-term support for your purchases.

Choosing Yale means opting for convenience. Their efficient delivery and installation services save you time, money, and frustration. Yale Appliance isn’t just a store; it’s a comprehensive solution for your appliance needs, promising a beautiful and functional home space for years.

Contact Details

Alternative Appliance Stores

KAM Appliances

New England Appliance and More

George Washington Toma TV and Appliance

Hancock Appliance

Carpet & Flooring

Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s carpet and flooring stores.

Our Pick

General Flooring

General Flooring, a mainstay in Weymouth, Massachusetts, excels in providing top-notch flooring solutions. Celebrating over 75 years of service, this locally owned gem offers a rich array of products, including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic/porcelain/stone. Its convenient location at Routes 3 and 18 makes it easily accessible. The store’s beautiful showroom, constantly updated with the latest styles, is a testament to its commitment to quality and variety.

The strength of General Flooring lies in its community roots. Owned by locals Bill Bates and Dave Holbert, the store is deeply embedded in the South Shore community. It supports local charities, schools, and emergency services. This local connection is evident in their personalized service. Catering to homeowners, decorators, and contractors, they’ll find the perfect flooring for your home or office at a competitive price.

Their experienced staff make the selection process a breeze, offering expert advice and solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. They have everything from cozy bedroom carpets to elegant hardwood for living areas and stylish tiles for kitchens and baths. Moreover, General Flooring provides professional installation services for those who prefer a hassle-free experience.

In summary, General Flooring stands out for its quality products, deep community ties, and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re renovating your home or outfitting an office, their wide range and expert guidance make them an ideal choice.

Contact Details

Alternative Carpet & Flooring Stores

Floor & Decor

Classic Tile & Stone Inc

The Rug Merchant

Weston Carpet & Rugs


Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best tile stores.

Our Pick

Tiles By Perfection

Tiles by Perfection is South Shore’s prime destination for imported tile and natural stone. Their expertise spans over 30 years, offering free estimates and an impressive installation warranty. This one-stop tile shop ‌in Quincy, MA, excels in tile and countertop installations. The team, led by school friends, turned business partners Jim McCadden and Jim Martin.

Their service range is diverse, covering natural stone, porcelain tile, and LVT Flooring. Their educated sales professionals and installers enhance the personalized experience they provide. Their approach makes the buying and installation processes incredibly smooth. As a locally owned business, they prioritize great customer service, providing a personalized touch for each project.

Tiles by Perfection is recognized as the Best of Boston Homes in 2017 and caters to contractors and homeowners. They stand out with their knowledge and ease of service. Tiles by Perfection is undoubtedly a top choice in Boston for those seeking expert tile installation with a vast selection.

Contact Details

Alternative Tile Stores

Tile World Design Center

Best Tile Plymouth

Bellew Tile & Marble Co

  • 781.982.3030
  • 308 Hingham St, Rockland, MA 02370, USA

Classic Tile & Stone Inc


Here’s a list of South Shore, Massachusetts’s best lighting stores.

Our Pick

Fleming’s Lighting of Cohasset Village

Fleming’s Lighting in Cohasset Village is a beacon of light for home decor enthusiasts. Their blend of old-fashioned customer service with modern lighting solutions truly stands out. The showroom, boasting various chandeliers, lamps, pendants, and more, offers something for every taste. What sets Fleming’s apart is their personalized approach. Their designers actively help customers in selecting fixtures perfect for their spaces. The commitment to satisfaction goes further; they’re known for bringing sample lamps to customers’ homes. This makes sure the lighting chosen enhances the specific ambiance of each room. Beyond lighting, Fleming’s also offers a selection of gifts and accents and even provides fine metal restoration services. Fleming’s Lighting is the South Shore’s go-to destination, whether it’s a surface ceiling light or an elegant wall sconce. Their unparalleled selection and service make home lighting shopping a delightfully illuminating experience.

Contact Details

Alternative Lighting Stores 

Lighting Shop – The Lighting Gallery of Taunton

Light ‘N Leisure “The Purple Buildings”

Yale Appliance

Welch Company


In conclusion, “Best of the South Shore” is a key resource for home enhancement or real estate needs. Woodland Builders offers a list highlighting top professionals in various home improvement areas. This guide features experts like real estate agent Poppy Troupe and architect Nick Paolucci. Each professional excels in service and quality. Interior designers like Jeannie at JMH Designs and stores like Snow & Jones showcase the region’s excellence. Whether renovating, building, or buying, this guide proves the South Shore’s skill and creativity. It ensures your project, big or small, is in capable hands.