If you have been searching for the perfect way to create storage in your mudroom, look no further than a mudroom storage bench. Not only will it provide your family with easy-access storage, but it can also be an attractive feature in the room that adds beauty and organization. This blog post will help you explore creative ideas for designing the perfect mudroom for your home.

What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is an area that is usually near the main entrance of your home. It’s a space between the outside and the inside. You can store outerwear like hats, coats, boots, and umbrellas and keep them away from your other living spaces. The mudroom in many homes doubles as a laundry room or pantry. If you’re short on space, repurpose an existing closet or nook to serve as your mudroom.

primary suite remodel mudroom and hallway

Prioritizing Your Needs

Before designing your mudroom, it’s essential to think through what items and how much storage you’ll need. For example, if you have children who play sports regularly throughout the year, it’d be wise to prioritize extra shelves or cubbies for shoes and equipment. Having hooks or racks specifically designed for wet coats and umbrellas may be crucial if you live somewhere with lots of rain or snow. Making this list ahead of time will guarantee that all necessary items are accounted for when designing the room.

Ideal Location

Create a functional and convenient mudroom by thinking strategically about its location. Consider accessibility for your family and finding a central spot that makes it a breeze to access. Below, we share some common areas to place a mudroom.

The entryway

Create a convenient and stylish entryway hub by placing your mudroom near the front door. It’s the perfect spot for storing coats, boots, and bags, allowing everyone to grab what they need.

Off the kitchen

Transform your home into a mudless oasis by placing your mudroom off the kitchen. Easy access to cleanliness means no more tracking dirt through your house.

Near the laundry room

Turn your lackluster laundry room into a functional and stylish mudroom. Capitalize on existing infrastructure, such as running water and appliances, by incorporating storage benches or cabinets.

Garage entrance

If you have a garage attached to your home, this is also a good spot for a mudroom. Organize your outdoor equipment and bikes in a designated area connected to your home.

Choosing the Right Bench Style

When selecting a storage bench for your mudroom, there are many styles to choose from. Consider a built-in wood bench or one that’s freestanding. Benches come in various sizes, colors, and materials, so you can easily find one that best fits your space and style. A great option is to have a custom bench built to fit perfectly in your mudroom. The possibilities are endless!

Organizing Your Storage Bench

Once you’ve selected the right bench style, it’s time to focus on organizing it. Add baskets or containers under the bench seat for shoes or smaller items like hats and gloves. You could add hooks on the wall above the bench for coats and bags or install shelves for additional storage space. Design cubbies so each family member has an area to store belongings as soon as they walk in the door. An organized mudroom helps keep daily items organized and easy to find when needed.

Duxbury Colonial Transformation Kitchen 7

Adding Pillows & Accessories

Add pillows or other accessories, such as rugs or pictures that reflect your style, to make your mudroom cozy and inviting. A brightly colored throw pillow on one end of a long built-in wooden bench adds personality and comfort to a plain piece of furniture. Pillows can also match any color scheme used in your home, making them a seamless part of the room’s design.

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Upgrading this Duxbury, MA, the mudroom was no small feat. We expanded the house to create a mudroom five times its original size. It now boasts 500 sq. ft. of space and features Mapio’s Light Pewter tiles, closets, bench seating, and personalized cubbies for every family member.

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A mudroom is a great way to keep things organized, reduce clutter, and create an organized entry to your home. While mudroom storage benches provide additional seating, they also serve as great spots for extra seating and organization. With a little creativity and careful planning, you can design a beautiful and functional mudroom!