The Big Switch

Duxbury, Massachusetts

Woodland Builders transformed this first floor, which was once disconnected and constrained. By switching the locations of the dining room and kitchen, we optimized the layout for functionality, flow, and socialization. The expansive new kitchen and dining room have become vibrant, multifunctional spaces. They effortlessly cater to the needs of a seven-person family with enhanced storage solutions and a dedicated coffee and cocktail bar. These improvements create a sense of openness and connection, making the space ideal for entertaining.

Project Video

Key Features

  • Closing off and shrinking a window opening to accommodate L shaped kitchen
  • Removal of 2 walls to create an open floor plan
  • Dedicated bar area that transitions from morning coffee station to evening cocktail hour.
  • Accommodation for higher-end appliances and a larger refrigerator
  • Room for multiple people in the kitchen at once

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